The Universal Grand Unified Theory Based on Life and Thought

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Journal of Physical Science and Application 5 (2) (2015) 147-157
doi: 10.17265/2159-5348/2015.02.009

The Universal Grand Unified Theory Based on Life and Thought

Jinzhong Yan

Changsha Jiage’er Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., Pingtang Town, Changsha City, Hunan 410208, China

Abstract: The universe is life, which includes galaxies, living beings, society and man-made worlds. The universe is unified in life and thought. The universal grand unified theory is a theory to completely unify all phenomena in the universe with a fundamental mode (structural mode, operational mode, generation mode and evolution mode). The book of changes of China: The great ultimate – two states – four images – eight hexagrams are life science and thought science theories, which represent the fundamental mode of universal unification, i.e. represent 1) structural mode, operational mode, generation mode and evolution mode of life; 2) the four states that life has simultaneously: 0 dimension, 1 dimension, 2 dimension, 3 dimension, and these four states have different structural and operational modes respectively; 3) the breathing and four seasonal trajectories of celestial bodies; 4) three generation modes of life: generation by transformation, generation by augmentation, and self-generation; 5) five dynamics systems inside life; 6) the sublimation and degration of life in the universe, the unification of religion and science; 7) the classification mode of the universal being; 8) the derivation mode of life; 9) the transformation between different forms of life in the universe; 10) the
unification of six grand forces in the universe. All life systems in the universe: galaxy, organism, society, man-made worlds as well as cognitive science, natural science, social science are all in conform with the mode of the book of changes.