Can you answer these questions about hand washing?

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Christina Simon  asked the Naked Scientists:
I would like to start off by saying that I am a High School student seeking answers for my project! Your taking your time to read this means more than anything as I am having trouble finding the answers I seek. I appreciate your time. I need these answers by Monday if you are all right with that.

As of late, I have been doing a project on soap versus sanitizer. I see, and have been in, arguments about whether sanitizer is safer or soap is safer as far as a method of washing our hands and keeping clean to prevent sickness. I was hoping you could have some answers to the following questions that would assist in finding my solution. If you could answer the questions for me, that would be more than helpful! My goal is to provide people with information proving which of the two methods is a safer way of keeping from illness.

1.) Which is more effective? Soap or Sanitizer?
2.) Why did you pick this method?
3.) What does this method do differently that the other does not?
4.)Which method has the healthiest ingredients? (It's said that sanitizer is chock full of chemicals and works like a disinfectant. Is this true?)
5.)Some have theorized that two squirts of sanitizer will cover that missed 0.01% that sanitizers claim to kill 99.9%. Is this true?
6.) Do sanitizers really kill 99.9% of germs? Or is this a claim? (Have there been experiments showing this and if so what were they/what were the results?)
7.) What brands of the preferred method is most effective in killing germs and bacteria?
8.) There are many ways of washing your hands with soap and water. Approximately, to get a great majority if not all of the germs off your hands, how long should you keep your hands under? (It's said to sing the happy birthday song twice in your head. Is 20 seconds enough, or is washing longer more effective?)
9.) Is there ever an instance where you can get ALL the germs off your hands?
10.) Would touching the sink handles again to turn it off just be wasting your time in washing to remove the germs? (I use a paper towel or my sleeve to turn them off, but you touch them to turn them on, right?)
11.) Is it unhealthy to excessively wash your hands? Why?
12.) It's said that keeping clean all the time can just make you more prone to getting sick or even making colds seem worse. Is this true?
13.) Are there any safe way to expose yourself to germs?

Thank you!
Christina Simon


What do you think?
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Re: Can you answer these questions about hand washing?
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Pardon me, but you are cheating yourself asking this here. Your school set this assignment so that you could learn to do research all by your own self. That is what sets the Jedi apart from the drones. Which do you want to be?

In America they have critters called "reference librarians" who are trained to teach you where to look things up. Not knowing what your situation is -- I have an alternative suggestion. I just went to google and entered the following search string, " review article sanitizer vs. soap" Guess what? It turned up enough to do your assignment. It's Tuesday here. betcha two bits you can knock this out by Sunday night. Slow and steady does it. Allsame better to teach you how to fish than give you a mackerel.

Now perhaps some well meaning soul may do your assignment for you here. I advise you to mouse away from this forum until after you turn in your own work.

It is the way of the Jedi.