What was time like at the start of the Universe?

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What was time like at the start of the Universe?
« on: 16/07/2015 05:50:01 »
Larry Wells asked the Naked Scientists:
In his book "In Search of the Big Bang",  John Gribbin mentions that about 1/10th of a second after the big bang, the energy density of the universe was about 30 million times the energy density of water.

Under those conditions, what would time be like, when everything is crunched to that density?

What do you think?
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Re: What was time like at the start of the Universe?
« Reply #1 on: 16/07/2015 11:55:14 »
Once you start to read about it ‘The Big Bang’ gets really interesting not least because there are so many different versions. Most of them agree that The Big Bang  did not occur as a big explosion, despite what one might gather from its name.


The universe did not expand into space, as space did not exist before the universe, according to NASA Instead, it is better to think of the Big Bang as the simultaneous appearance of space everywhere in the universe. Since space and time are supposed to be linked into one continuum according to Einstein, this could be taken to mean] that at the moment when the Big Bang took place , time did not exist. The universe has not expanded from any one spot since the Big Bang — rather, space itself has been stretching, and carrying matter with it. Since the universe by its definition encompasses all of space and time as we know it, NASA says it is beyond the model of the Big Bang to say what the universe is expanding into or what gave rise to the Big Bang.
My own take on the Big Bang is given here: newbielink:http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=57928.0 [nonactive]