Are C & time emergent properties?

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Are C & time emergent properties?
« on: 23/07/2015 15:28:11 »
Hi All,

 I am not a physicist. I trained as a chemist but never used it in anger. I took 4 goes to get my 1st year maths. My math is not good.

 I've been thinking about the twin slit experiment. Feynman said that it contains the only mystery of quantum mechanics.

 I've also been thinking about photons and quantum tunnelling and dark matter...

 Anyway... a very clever scientist once said to me... philosophy is what you've got left when you have nothing to go on. Which is what I have.

 I suspect that the 'strange' behaviour seen by photons, electrons, etc is due to the fact that they're not fully in our reality.

 I don't think photons exist in our reality until they interact with our reality. OK, thats a bit.. does a tree make a sound..

 What if our 3 dimensions are a subset of at least one more dimension.

At first I'm thinking of a ball inside a ball but thats not right. The 'additional' dimension has no.. err... dimensions. It has no length breadth or height.

Its a zero size point (non-point?).

Imagine a photon ejected from a star and travelling millions of light years to earth where it strikes a screen. From the photons perspective the travel time is zero.

What if the photon exists only in the 'additional' dimension until it interacts with 'normal' matter ?  The normal matter pulls it out of the additional dimension..

It can travel instantaneously because the additional dimension has zero size. Every point in our universe is at zero distance to anything in the additional dimension.

Now, Feymen said that the photons "appeared to take every path through the slits".  My theory is that they are in fact everywhere simultaneously.

There is no time in the additional dimension. Can photons then be persistant in that dimension? Would that explain the single photon result?

Can you fire an elecron through a block of lead? Not if it exists only in our universe.

Where is all that dark matter ?

Is C & time a consequence of an additional dimension which has neither?

The only tool to probe this is maths, of which I have none.