Is reverse osmosis water harmful to drink?

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Is reverse osmosis water harmful to drink?
« on: 27/07/2015 13:50:02 »
Terri A Seiler asked the Naked Scientists:
I have a well and a water softener. My water doesn't taste great. I also have a reverse osmosis system for my plants. I have been using that for drinking water but was told that drinking reverse osmosis water is harmful as it pulls minerals out of the body. Is this true? I drink about 6 liters of the water a day.

What do you think?
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Re: Is reverse osmosis water harmful to drink?
« Reply #1 on: 27/07/2015 14:24:13 »
6 litres a day is a lot of drinking water but that's beside the point.
We get minerals from our diet. The kidneys are fairly good at keeping the ones we need. We evolved to drink essentially rain water which has a very low mineral content.
I'd worry more about stray bacteria in the water than about any idea that the lack of minerals is harmful.
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