How can plant grafting efficiency be improved?

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How can plant grafting efficiency be improved?
« on: 28/07/2015 03:58:28 »
it is tuesday 28/july/2015 at 4 30 am in the morning this has been on my mind for some time now.thought you all should know.
first what started me thinking was Reading about the finnish people survived a great famine in the 1860 by eating the phloem layer of a pine tree.the phloem or cambium layer was stripped from the pine tree dried.ground.and mixed with rye seeds to make a sweet dark dense bread which saved so many lives,
then another scientist no name or date given mook the cambium layer out of a rose stem laid it under the bark of a Apple tree then grafted a rose to it.said it took could be just a story but it started me thinking.which i must explain,
lets call the phloem or cambium layer the magic liquid.because every tree every plant every weed that grows on earth.must have this liquid to live.under every single plant in the kingdom of plants there lies this liquid.that grows the buds.leaves.stems roots.fruit flowers everything would die without it,every scientist would is the life blood of all plants
in thery we could bud or graft a stem of aplant 50 times and as long as the cambium layer is touching this magic liquid it will grow,
if we were to damage the oppisite side of this same stem and layer it into soil it would root,
so why are we not experimenting more
we could make a soil-less compound so we could grow all our cuttings in this magical liquid.root all our cuttings,
use it in so many ways to grow better plants,it is the life blood for all plants.
this could be the great breakthrough.we could get it all for free.just the right knowledge to use it.
now as we all know a plant has to be in the same family to be able to graft a scion into that plant,
but as we know we now can transfer hearts into people.liver. why not plants
why cant we let the plant think it has a new growth of a graft by given it the same cambium layer .like the scientist did with the rose and Apple tree.we cannot say this would not work until we experiment,
they said you could not tranfer was inpossible.untill it was done,
i think we are on a new beginning in botany finding this life saving blood of all plants.and using it carefully,
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