Do men die sooner than women due to heat output?

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Grant Chalmers  asked the Naked Scientists:
Is it possible that men die earlier than women because they output more heat than women? This principle is similar to a red giant sun that burns faster and dies sooner than a normal sun. My wife and previous girl friends have mentioned that I radiate a lot of heat in bed, or is this just efficient metabolism? I have always been a healthy weight or described skinny and struggle to put on weight.  Love your show, keep up the good work.  

What do you think?
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Re: MTHFR mutations
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I am somehow reminded of "The House of God" by Dr. Samuel Shem which describes his intern year at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Dr Shem tells us of "The Rose Room" in which everyone in there is at least 86 and named Rose.

After you subtract the effects of war, nit-wit daredevil stunts, heart attacks and Jello shots, why would you want to go looking for some other risk factor which surely has miniscule impact on masculine mortality?

Having a Y chromosome has its drawbacks, but I take comfort in knowing that whatever my fate may be  -- I will never have to go live in the Rose Room.

PS: Sensitive statistical analysis continues to show zero difference between the mean core temperatures of men and women despite the incessant sniveling of the latter, "that it's freezing in here!"

Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse.
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