Could constant noise cure tinnitus?

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Could constant noise cure tinnitus?
« on: 05/08/2015 12:50:02 »
Rohan asked the Naked Scientists:
I heard the brief discussion on tinnitus you did on Radio National (Australia) a week ago. I was wondering if a regular "dose" of constant noise at only the specific frequencies which correlate to the damaged hair cells might quell the brains attempt to"fill the empty space" at those frequencies. Sort of like the phantom limb pain mirror therapy.

Cheers, Rohan 


What do you think?
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Re: Could constant noise cure tinnitus?
« Reply #1 on: 05/08/2015 13:31:37 »
White noise and band limited white noise are both used as masking therapies in treating tinnitus. They don't cure it, but they can 'distract' the brain so it is less noticeable
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Re: Could constant noise cure tinnitus?
« Reply #2 on: 05/08/2015 18:15:20 »
The most likely cause of tinnitus is too much noise having damaged the nerve cells in the first place.

So you are proposing a little bit of the hair of the dog.

THAT ought to keep any chance of recovery to a minimum, shouldn't it?

FIRST see a specialist to rule out the few possible other causes of Tinnitus.


 An informed explanation of tinnitus, together with reassurance, improves the condition of most patients over time. For those with persistent tinnitus, cognitive and behavioral therapy, augmented by pharmacologic intervention, might represent the most promising treatment regimen. Most importantly, a strong doctor-patient relationship underpins successful management and high levels of satisfaction among patients.(1.)


The real cause is that your brain has adjusted the squelch on your audio circuits so you are getting all this QRM just like what happens on my new Yaesu 857-D ham radio transceiver. YOUR brain is better than my radio because it is plastic and, given time, will adjust your squelch to some degree.

So<<I>> suggest that you go live in some remote noise free place like Coober Pedy where the loudest sound is you reciting your mantra, "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" and give "tincture of time" a chance to work.