Can benztropine can help patients with tranverse myelitis?

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Pedro Oliveira asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello i have seen your article "Drug triggers repair in MS-damaged brain" and i want to ask you if benztropine can help patients with tranverse myelitis. Thank you
What do you think?
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Back in the day, I used to give benztropine (Cogentin) to psych patients along with the whacking big doses of Thorazine to limit the possibility of Tardive Dyskinesia. (Don't ask, Tardive Dyskinesia is a four plus "Ooopsie!"). They also used to give it to Parkinson's patients because they had sweet damn all for anything better. So cogentin has a pretty clean history.

The problem is that cogentin is probably off label for anything like MS or Transverse Myelitis. That means that it isn't approved and any physician who used it that way would be naked to his enemies in court if he were sued. The lawyers would strip his carcase like vultures in that event.

If I had transverse myelitis I would use Cogentin because it seems like a small risk for a huge possible gain.

But you would probably have to find somebody like Albert Schweitzer (or a fool) who would write you a script for it.