Why does this skipping rock make this sound?

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Why does this skipping rock make this sound?
« on: 07/08/2015 09:50:01 »
Ed O asked the Naked Scientists:
It would be great if you guys could explain from a scientific perspective why the skipping rock makes this sound:

What do you think?
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Re: Why does this skipping rock make this sound?
« Reply #1 on: 26/08/2015 21:12:54 »
Hi ;), I'm Integza.


Now to serious things, my best guess here is, because ice is so rigid and fragile like glass when the rock hits it and slides on it the friction between them makes the ice vibrate at a very high frequency but because the rock is skipping this happens in intervals of time and that is what makes that bird singing sound.

The simple analogy i can give is nails on a chalkboard, the same happens, the friction between the nails and the rigid and fragile chalkboard makes the chalkboard vibrate, but in this case the sound is annoying XD.

The sound made by the rock is so different from the chalkboard because they are different materials, and the ice has a bed of water underneath.

I hope i could be helpful in the matter.


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Re: Why does this skipping rock make this sound?
« Reply #2 on: 27/08/2015 01:33:54 »
... that bird singing sound.

Similar bird-cheep sounds, but using magnetism rather than gravity ...

cf. https://youtu.be/ZIHF5EoEixc?t=3m48s
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