How long will the Earth still be humanly habitable for?

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In terms of global warming. (I read many contradictory views online.)
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Re: How long will the Earth still be humanly habitable for?
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I put it to you,Sir, that in Syria it is barely habitable now.  Let a few harvest fail consecutively and what then?

"Not this August, nor this September; you have this year to do in what you like. Not next August, nor next September; that is still too soon; they are still too prosperous from the way things pick up when armament factories start at near capacity; they never fight as long as money can still be made without. So you can fish that summer and shoot that fall or do whatever you do, go home at nights, sleep with your wife, go to the ball game, make a bet, take a drink when you want to, or enjoy whatever liberties are left for anyone who has a dollar or a dime. But the year after that or the year after that they fight. "

_Hemmingway, "Notes on the next war" 1935