Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Re: Chinese Herbal Medicine
« Reply #50 on: 14/02/2004 15:24:49 »
Hi Chris-doc and all,

I am a proffessor from Malaysia, I have a cousin that had has a kidney failure 6 years ago and got cured by a world class physician and he then intruduct hundreds of patients to that master and also cured most of them , some 4th stage of cancer, and I was having some small problem and also got cured by him. SO if you think herbal medicine has no prove then YOU ARE WORONG.

Offcause you have to get to the best one. Not all herbalist is good enough to cure many diseases, but the master I know in Malaysia can do that very well.

I have follow his treatment for many years now and can witness to you all that if you get to the best master you can get the cure.

I have ask him about drugs in the herbs, he said there are no drugs in the herbs. Drugs are made from many things, like herbs , minerals, chemical and so on. But herbs are real natural and just herbs.

Herbs are mainly from grass, trees and so on.

I remember seeing some friends that have too much of Vitamin C and got cancer , and not long after that the US papers said ,over dose of vitamin C can cause cancer!!!!!!!

Thanks Chris what you say.


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Re: Chinese Herbal Medicine
« Reply #51 on: 14/02/2004 22:26:45 »
Hi Luckywood, welcome to the forum.  Couldn't agree with you more; the quality of the products and service largely determine the outcome.
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