Where did the debris from the MIR station fall?

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Where did the debris from the MIR station fall?
« on: 24/08/2015 23:42:03 »
I'm new here but I have a question which bothers me for some time.
I'm wondering if anyone from this forum knows by any chance where I could find information about fall of
MIR station and any tracked debris with it's position that day?
It's bothering me as that particular day I witnessed with my brother smth
moving fast on the sky (faster than plane, slower then meteor) which I
thought was a fragment of the station (as what else it could be) but
according to official info I found it was falling down nowhere near to me (I'm from
Poland which is in central EU).
As for the shape, from what I remember and what I could see (it was over clouds) it had something which could be some longitudinal mudules,  one or two which I saw when it was turning around (very randomly).
There was no visible smoke or tail of any kind and the trajectory was rather horizontal or at least it looked this way on the fragment of a sky I could see. It took about 10s until I lost it from my sight (I'm quite guessing right now) and the distance was about 60 degrees or bit more (but less than 90 for sure).
Also I don't hear about anything falling down from a sky in my country that day.
It would be great to finally have the answer after all those years.
Thx in advance!
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