What is time theory? How does it work?

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What is time theory? How does it work?
« on: 15/09/2015 09:47:43 »
No Diagrams-No Formulas

          It is very clear and obvious that Time is not generated out of any chemical process or reaction so it  is  not  possible  to  explain  to  via  experiments  in  laboratory.  So  we  have  to  use  the  verbal communication to understand the same. If we ask anybody that what is Time? For all probability his answer will be as under,

          “Time is invisible flow. It is natural. It always progresses ahead like spring water. The almighty has created such flow; Till the Clock of Almighty is ticking so is ours.”

          If we ask the same question to the professor of renowned university his answer will be like as under,

          “Time exists due to Universe. The Time is because Universe exists. The time is created because of the Big Bang which happened before 13 trillion years. Time has direct relationship with speed, we can control the time means slow it, increase it or push it like volume of audio device.”

         When we feel the time in out within we feel that it is not in our hand, it is marching ahead because of some reason. We also feel that we have left our past and are moving towards our future. This can be understood by every human being and can be felt also by any human being.

         The Science of 21st Century says that Time is must for any object whether it is moving or static. The object can move only when clock is ticking. This is not possible without existence of time. If time stops what will happen? This is impossible but to understand the concept, for a while let us assume that If Time stops at this moment what will happen?  Something like, abrupt stoppage of moving CD in DVD player or as the picture on the TV screen will get stuck, will happen. The universe will be stopped in other words universe will freeze. The rays coming from the stars like sun will freeze where it is in the atmosphere. The moon moving around the earth will stop. Shooting star marching towards the earth will stop in there atmosphere. The Aero plane flying in the air will become standstill. Nothing in the whole of universe will remain which will not freeze with the freezing of time. When we capture the photographs from the camera exactly this type of thing happens. When we capture the photograph from the moving super-fast train we feel that we have captured that moment forever.

         You will agree with all the above talks but now there is a twist. Again there is one question which seems to be more important than the questions above. Really all things stop when the time frizzes? Or the reality is different?

         Now there will be a real explanation. The universe will not get affected at all if the time frizzes. The universe will remain as it is. The Light will keep on moving, The moon will keep on going around the earth, the Shooting star will hit the earth as it should and the aero plane flying in the air will keep on flying in the auto pilot mode till the fuel lasts. At first instance you will feel that this sounds wrong but this will happen. The idea about time is restricted only till our understanding, till our mind. In the outer Universe no such thing exists. In the universe existence of time is not essential for any object whether moving or static. This is possible as all the changes happen only in the space and not in time. The idea of time generates in our mind and is restricted to the same. It is our clear mistake the way we understand or the way we know the time.

         How we feel the time the answer is through our brain. How brain identifies the time. One example is there. The train is moving ahead on the platform, Speed may be out of control but it is moving ahead. How we will know that? The brain notices such happening through eyes and creates different frames for different events which are happening around. Train is freeze in say two frames but there  is  difference  between  both  the  frames  due  to  movement  of  train,  and  such  difference  is generating the idea of time on our brain. Thousands of such frames keep on generating in our mind and which creates the effect of time in our brain.

         When we go to see cinema usually we don’t get entry in the Projector room, but if at any time roll of any picture comes in our hand we can see that all the scenes of picture is freezed in different frames but there is somewhat differences between them. When such roll moves on through projector in cinema hall such comparison between different scenes will happen in our mind with great speed and we
feel that it is moving and thus we can see the live picture like our real life.

         But think that if we feel the time through our eyes it should freeze when we close our eyes. But this doesn’t happen. Our ears remain open in such situation. The brain also creates different frames of Voice from there. The brain understands the difference between Old and new Sound. If you close your ears, the brain itself will run the train within and the thoughts generates. The process of generation of thoughts never stops. When we are sleeping we feel the time in the form of dream. We feel many a time that we slept in the evening and immediately dawn arrived, time gap of 6 to 7 hours between the evening and dawn is not felt or noticed. Such thing happens as the brain was tired and hence was calm and hence no thoughts have been generated. The brain needs to be active to understand and generate the idea of time within itself.

         Many times it happens that the person who succumbs to the coma and revive after few years will don’t know about the passage of this few years. He will feel that just a moment has passed by. This happens as during those few years the brain was not active. There were no thoughts so no existence of time. If I explain further, you must have realized that the dreams which come in night are of much longer span than the real life. We feel that dream was too long when we are sleeping but in reality it may be for 20 odd minutes. This is because the brain has not utilized any outer source to move ahead in the time. The data was stored beforehand. When data is processed very fast the time will felt very minimally. To understand this dream we can see one movie. “Inception” is the science fiction move of Hollywood. It is made on the theme of dreams. It is shown in the movie that the men receive Dreams within dreams. If the time span of 6 months have been elapsed within the dream in reality only 5 minutes time has been elapsed.

         When we experience time we feel that we are moving ahead in it. We can feel our Past also. We can structure this through the frames which are defined in our mind. We do remember all the things which we see. We usually do store the entire thing which we have seen in our mind. As the new situations are created in the space due to movement of any object, such new frames keep on generating in our mind. The frames are stored sequentially in our mind in the Last come first stored basis. So as the new  frame is created by mind old one will drift backward so that we feel our past through such backwardly drifted frames in our mind. It is very clear that our brain keeps on collecting information on continuous basis, so as the new data come the old data drifts backward and new one takes its place. As we get the new information we feel that the older information has gone in past and so we feel that we are moving ahead in time.  We don’t understand or know what will happen in the space due to the moving objects, so it can be defined as future for us. So here we can conclude that there is no existence of time. Time generates due to the continuous process within the mind. The dead things like stones do not possess such ability so time does not exist for them.

         We think many a times that why we cannot observe thoughtlessness. Whatever we do, thoughts keep on occurring in our mind. This happens as our mind always makes us feel the idea of time. If the occurrence of thoughts stop, the time also stops for the person. When the person dies his brain also stops. After death the question of what is space? What is energy? Such questions do not arise. The way all dead things are untouched by senses so is our dead body. They both are alike. So the origin of the time  is  not  space.  If  we  are  alive  and  humankind  exists,  time  exists  otherwise,even  question  of existence of space and universe does not exists. The world does not exist for the dead.

         As per Albert Einstein and Stephan Hockings Universe is made up of 4 dimensions i.e.   Three dimensions of X Y Z and One dimension of Time. As per the said theory if the object is static still it is moving in the dimension of time. For example, One Four wheeler Car is standing idle We know that it is not moving but in the dimension of time it is moving but this is our illusion. Four-wheeler is standing idle means it is not moving in the space so it is not moving in the time. What happens is that we keep on seeing the four-wheeler from morning till evening and keeps on recording this information? Other background  information  like  Sun  Rise,  Moving  of  Traffic,  Disputes  in  the  surroundings,  Murder happened, Police came, and we reached till evening etc. the Brain keeps on storing such information as it happened. The stored information drifts backwards and we feel that we are moving with time. We feel that Car is also moving.  But as said earlier this is our illusion.

         So here we can understand that we are never moving ahead in time. Past and future are our illusion. There does not exist any Pastor future in this world. We are at a stage where we currently are. There may be summer or winter, Morning or evening nothing is different. Everything happens at the same time. We believe that the Universe has been generated before 13 trillion years through Big Bang. This is true to be explained but in actual it is wrong. Universe never moves ahead in time. Whatever Differences which has happened has occurred within space which does not remain as it is. Nothing is static in universe, everything is moving. The universe keeps on changing due to motion of objects. The new look of the Universe has not moved ahead in time, it has changed due to the motion of objects in the space. The old and new both happen at the same place but whatever difference has happened that we register as Time.

         Even stone can understand the time only when it can differentiate. We have noticed that the Planet is moving in the space only when we have compared different frames created in our mind for the same. But does the planet know that it is moving? When we keep our childhood photograph in hand and we stand against the mirror we can see the difference and such difference is the time. We never see the time in reality we feel the time only through differences. There is a Cloud of Hydrogen and it has started shrinking and takes the shape of football, Star is shining and as the life of its end it stops shining. It remains as ruts in the darkness which we cannot see. How we have felt time in this? We understand as our mind has observed and noticed the difference within the space which has happened at a time. For planet Past Present and Future moves together. It never moves ahead in time but it can move ahead in space.

         We can understand the time in the universe only when we have minimum 2 data points to compare and also you are capable enough to understand that difference. Otherwise the universe has no connection with time. The purpose of telling is that everybody thinks that the time is the unique creation which keeps on moving continuously. But now we understand that Time starts and end with us. There is no existence of it in this universe.

         As per Stephan hawking, with the increase in gravity the time has to get slow down. And in the black hall time has frozen like Ice. it is not moving even an inch. As per Albert Einstein the more you get speed the time will have to slow down. And I believe that these both things and inconnect. The correct thing is that the time has direct relationship with our brain. The value of time is decided by the speed of the brain means how fast our brain works decides the value of time. It is difficult to explain the theories of Albert Einstein and Stephan Hockings. And who understand has also not understood it correctly. It is not possible as time travel is not possible. There is no connection between universe and time. Time is not a dimension which can be connected with other three dimensions of the universe. In Universe any object can move in X Y Z direction and can move in reverse also. It can move slowly or fast, and it can remain stable at one place also. But in time nobody can move as per own wishes. One cannot go back to past or can remain in present, Why this? This is as our brain works same way forever there is no switch which can increase or decrease the speed of it which can change the idea of time in the brain. We can ignore our brain  and can use  time as fourth dimension.  But clearly it isn’t  part of  another three dimension.
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Interesting post , I wonder where you get your ideas from.

You could of just wrote, we do not observe the time of an object moving away, we observe our own independent time observing the object. You got it wrong, we are time, all matter is time, all observers are the forth dimension. 

Einstein was right about the forth dimension but wrong to represent it by a vector, the vector does not exist unless we travel that vector creating a vector, but even without the vectors we still exist and time exists in us relative to us.
The forth dimension represents matter ''stationary'' or moving through space, because time for us continues forward no matter what, and if your dependent time stops this means you are dead.
I think the world knows that time is not something that floats about like air around us, I think the world knows that time is something we devised to synchronise our everyday lives, maybe we should define it to timing rather than time, as we are timing events and timing our own existence.
See, what science truly says if you understand it, that this timing has a rate, call it a speed if you like, and in us and all matter is atoms, these atoms rates, change by relative motion and gravity influence, so  basically if your clock ticks slower, you live longer.
So time/timing slows down.

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What is this nonsense?  What is your question?  And post your crank theories here please: http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?board=18.0 [nofollow]