Feedback: Scientists saying so

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Feedback: Scientists saying so
« on: 16/09/2015 19:50:02 »
Sam Brown  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hello there!
Just to say I heard the podcast the other day and was delighted to hear my question there. I loved the answer too! Empathy is a good and sound reason in itself and I liked the idea of linking ideas with the word. Very logical and scientific.

I'm cycling through France at the moment, having left England on Tuesday. Nearing Reims in the next day or two and I smiled at the next question in the podcast, about USB charging for calories.

My bicycle (which is overloaded and top-heavy) has two dynamos - you know, the bottle kind which everybody else is throwing out these days - 6v3w passed through a regulator and rectifier (4 diodes in a tiny cigarette lighter USB adaptor) to give steady 5v output at 2x 500ma, plenty of juice for charging devices on the way. (In fact I charge those little power bank things to act as a buffer). So no end to Naked Scientist episodes to listen to biking through the night.

FYI the trip is about finding funding and other support for true AI (I am talking "life") which is gonna rock everything up. It's about a year away by my reckoning, and going carefully over my notes. So stay tuned. That will be a whole other kettle of ball games.  I'm off to Milan with no particular destination in mind except to try to find people there to keep me in clean socks and cups of tea while I work at it.
Wish me luck.

All the best to you and Kat and the team. I'm gonna load up here with podcasts (at a McD in Cambrai right now) while I have an internet connection and then push off.

Take care Chris,
all the best - and thanks again for the answers!


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