Bridge or causeway to protect from rising oceans?

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Paul asked the Naked Scientists:
If the oceans rise 3 metres this century, is it better to build a causeway across a bay or a bridge? I say a bridge because if yo make it 10 metres or so high, you just have to protect the up rights from the sea and there is not the volume of gravel, stones, etc required to build a causeway at least 4 metres high. I am aware you would have to paint the metal parts of the bridge all the time to prevent corrosion from sea spray unless you can develop a type of covering which maintains itself. Another idea is to have a suspension bridge and each century you could raise the bridge another metre or so to cope with the rising water. A few years ago a group of engineering students at the local university had a similar scenario but came to the conclusion it was better to build a causeway rather than repair a bridge. I didn't see the written conclusions. I was just told about it. Cost is a factor. A causeway would give more protection to the coast, so it fulfills two purposes.

What do you think?
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Re: Bridge or causeway to protect from rising oceans?
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That sounds like a hard question to answer without examining a specific site.