We live until 21 before we start dying!

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We live until 21 before we start dying!
« on: 18/09/2015 11:35:55 »
Subject: We live until we are 21 before we start dying!
''Time'' is of use for measuring a period of existence of a particle(s) occupying a specific position in space, an observation of matter, a dimension of XYZ and time (t) in a position of space.
X=Y and Y=Z , both Y and Z are also X but named differently to allow direction. It would be pretty useless if XYZ all pointed the same way like the representation of time, a vector linearity , a linearity because it applies to all vectors of XYZ, because XYZ is equal . Space time is a virtual vector of XYZ and not of material existence.

In saying that, ''time'' is not of material values and only exists for use of measuring, it is in a sense ''not real'', but at the same time real in the sense of ''time'' exists in matter. Matter has a period of ''time'' existing in ''space-time'', we are not really measuring time moving forward, we are in a sense counting down a period of decay.
Let's say we live on average for 88 years, we are counting 0 to 88 years, but at the same time we are counting 88 years to 0.

An existence period already pre-set by the nature of quantum Physics before we decay. (we only live until we are 21, then we start dying).

Like a plant that has flowered before it starts to wilt, pre-defined quantum of nature, in owning a hamster we can count down 4 years, the poor bee a count down of only 4 weeks, the poor beautiful robin a 2 year design of quantum . you poor thing.

A star is born to die, it is simply a countdown.

So what cell or whatever in our body is the ticking clock countdown?

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