Could a Mediterranean diet reduce the risk of cancer?

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Could a Mediterranean diet really cut cancer risk?
Read a transcript of the interview by clicking here
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Re: Could a Mediterranean diet reduce the risk of cancer?
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I have a mother in law.. from Greece, has eaten a Mediterranean diet since she was born.. (lets ignore the fact that in reality the Mediterranean diet also includes lots of very strong coffee and cigarettes!) has suffered from cancer twice (luckily overcame it both times) and the majority of the people she knew in the area she grew up in died before 85 (in fact its 100% as we speak)

Lets stop kidding ourselves that the grass is greener because of X Y or Z.. One major factor left out of these 'Mediterranean' diets or the implementation of one.. is the significant quantities of seafood that is eaten in these areas.. and not the oily battered 'could really be anything' lump of grease we get to accompany our chips, but FRESH, off the hook onto the grill type of seafood. It has been proven fish oils are important for so many things and one of the things my mother in law blames for her cancer is the real lack of FRESH seafood available in the UK, much of it is unavailable to buy at the docks even.