Did the Big Bang make Dark Matter?

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Did the Big Bang make Dark Matter?
« on: 27/09/2015 15:50:02 »
David Spence asked the Naked Scientists:
It is related to Physics/Quantum Physics.

If Dark Energy/Matter takes up 94% of the Universe, is there any evidence to conclude the Big Bang created it.............or is science just guessing that Dark Energy/Matter was created by the Big Bang, and is not exploring the possibility that Dark Energy/Matter may have already existed before, during and after the Big Bang event???

Is there another possibility that the Big Bang needed Dark Energy/Matter to exist before it could create what we perceive as the Universe????? May be there are Multi-Universes' as a consequence of the presence of Dark Energy/Matter acting as a Catalyst for the creation of Universes'

What do you think?
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