Is English the most efficient language?

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Is English the most efficient language?
« on: 29/09/2015 19:49:37 »
Is English the most efficient language?
Asked by Les

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« Reply #1 on: 21/11/2016 15:30:21 »
Actually, that's very incomplete. I speak 5 languages besides English and all of them have much more useless baggage and are thus less efficient. For example, French noun genders - what do you gain by knowing that farm is feminine? And yet you have to adjust adjectives to accommodate this, i.e. toutes les fermes. This adds a considerable cognitive load not to mention storage and paper when considering book publishing. Over hundreds of thousands of words in a book - you'll find many more pages are needed, unless you sacrifice precision and meaning. Furthermore the University of Lyon did a study in which they determined spoken English was about 10% more efficient than French and lead all the most popular languages in the world. See paper:
FIFY! ;-)