Theory on time travel

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Theory on time travel
« on: 01/10/2015 00:33:38 »
Before you say that I have flaws, I will declare now: I am a year 8 student, so I do not have the knowledge that you will. So remember this as you read my theory

Recently, I discovered a flaw in the plan of time travel, relating to the Einstein-Rosen bridge.

As you know, this theory revolves around the thought that wormholes are actually rifts in time and space. However, combining this with the knowledge of paradoxes has made me wonder, isn't it impossible for time travel, but a similar form of travel could be made?

What I have been trying to figure is that time travel is impossible, not only in the theory that the actual act would kill a person without the ability to separate themselves from time itself, but also that you would shatter the universe in the attempt.

The reason why someone would need to remove themselves from time is that the would either reverse time or send it fast forward. If they did not remove themselves, they would end up killing themselves.

Lets use an example: I went back in time to kill Hitler (which is considered time travel), or, depending on the relationship of truth to the Einstein-Rosen bridge, if i opened a new dimension and, using the timeline I knew, killed Hitler in that ( the theory I have been developing).


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Re: Theory on time travel
« Reply #1 on: 01/10/2015 12:06:55 »
I would have to read up on the theory, but I had the impression this was not travel into the past - so no Hitler paradox - but more akin to the differential ageing as in the twin paradox.
JeffferyH might know.
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Re: Theory on time travel
« Reply #2 on: 01/10/2015 15:29:05 »
There is only the present. Planks motion is a still frame. Our sense of time is how fast the still frames move relative to our detection mechanism to create our movie. The previous still frame is destroyed by the next still frame called the present. Chemical processes that include the biological process is an issue of entropy and a physical change caused by the changing present.

The twin paradox is not a paradox there are no paradoxes. Velocity reduces entropy of physical reactions (your biological clock slows). Entropy probably has something to do with the period of an electron of the atom. Velocity slows the period of the electron which in turn slows entropy's chemical reactions.


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Re: Theory on time travel
« Reply #3 on: 02/10/2015 12:41:43 »
Hi Matt, time travel is concept that exists, but not a concept like everyone imagines it to be.  There is no travelling back in ''time'' , there is only travelling forward in ''time'' relative to another person and is not based on any sort of sci-fi version.
If you could ''transport'' yourself, to a galaxy say 100 light years away, while another person travelled there at say 1000mph, you have jumped ahead of the persons travelling future, but effectively you both are still in the same time frame relative to each other.

Time travel is simply relative speed and distance
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