Does blood clot outside the body?

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Does blood clot outside the body?
« on: 01/10/2015 01:50:01 »
Sravani asked the Naked Scientists:
My finger was cut today while handling a surgical blade and the gloves which I was wearing were immediately filled with heavy blood I removed the glove, folded it and put it aside. Later when I observed my glove in the evening the blood inside the glove was still flowing and did not clot completely what may be the reason for this?

What do you think?
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Re: Does blood clot outside the body?
« Reply #1 on: 01/10/2015 18:24:11 »
Latex gloves are coated with starch to absorb moisture, to lubricate the introduction of fingers and stop the rubber sticking to itself.

Starches are known to have an in-vitro anti-coagulant effect:

I suspect this may be the reason for your blood remaining liquid in the glove. The calcium ions in the blood that would promote clotting are probably being chelated (sequestered).
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