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Feedback Question of the week forum
« on: 01/10/2015 18:50:01 »
Rachael b  asked the Naked Scientists:
I just listened to the show from this week and the question of the week is about Major keys invoking happiness and minor keys creating sadness. The message says address the answer on the forums but I can't find it. Is it too early to tackle the question?

As you kindly noted when posting my biography a month or so ago, I am musician by first training, and I just went over this idea recently on my website. The idea of sadness coming from minor keys has been addressed by your show, I think, before. I can't be certain anymore as I take in so many science shows now. It might have been the Infinite Monkey Cage too. I recall the answer coming from a man who explained that sadness from minor keys is actually taught behaviour, as many eastern European music examples are flushed in minor keys but are anything but sad. Klezmer is an obvious example of very fast upbeat songs that are in minor keys.

I pointed this out on my webpage, but was looking forward to posting it to your forums too.

Missed you on the show this week, and hope you are well.
What do you think?
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