How does the earth look from the other side of the moon with a total eclipse?

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Clayton asked the Naked Scientists:
   After seeing the full blood moon on 27/09/2015 it got me thinking.
If you were standing on the dark side of the moon during a total solar eclipse, how would the earth appear to you?
What do you think?
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In this scenario, the positions are as follows (not to scale):


The Moon is in Earth's shadow, so the near side of the Moon has a faint red glow, due to Sunlight refracted through Earth's shadow.

However, in this scenario, the observer is standing on the dark side of the Moon, which in this scenario really is dark, and she just sees stars.

A more interesting scenario (I think), is the following; again, not to scale:

In this case you are standing in a red glow.
If you look up to the Earth in the darkest part of the eclipse, you would see a ring of red dawn and sunset, linking up to form a fiery ring right around the entire Earth.


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Sorry if it was unclear but the naked scientist seem to have adjusted my question.
When I say 'the dark side of the moon'...I mean on the shadowed side viewing the Earth as you have pointed out in your 2nd example   [:P]