The Universe - The big picture?

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The Universe - The big picture?
« on: 10/10/2015 02:27:57 »
Question1: The observable universe has many similarities to that of the activity in a human brain. If this is the natural order of nature in our greater universe, would that not lead to the plausibility that the universe could be interpreted if we knew what the commonalities were, similar to how we interpret the human brain?

Question2: If the universe is in fact set up in the same fashion as a "brain" through a natural construct of organization, then could the dark matter we are so sure exists in fact be the substance connecting all "synapse elements together...

Question3: More to the real side of science. I have long been asking myself the question: is the distance of every other object outside of our universe taking into account the expansion of the universe. I know that there are big brain scientists that are awesome at crunching math on this; however, I wonder if gravitation aspects of every large body / black hole is taken into account with the distance of these objects and the age of our universe / solar system. FURTHERMORE; if the "big bang" is in fact the actual even causing the creation of the universe, then the distance relevant to the other astral bodies closest to the big bang would not be a constant, however a variable. As objects closest to the big bang point of origin should in theory be traveling at a different rate than those at a farther distance. Have we taken this into account when calculating our distances and ages?

Question4: In relation to time, why is it theorized that anything is possible with this? Why is time travel even pseudo science? There is the present, anything beyond that is an absurdity that would not be allowed by physics, quantum physics, or otherwise. To be able to perform such a feat would unravel all that is existence, as time itself is a lie. We as a race (humans) created time in order to measure the physical decay of objects as well as the rotations and orbits of our earth in relation to the sun. We further perfected this idea with the steady rate of carbon decay. Needless to say the idea of time itself is as hilarious as the varying methods to measure distance, i.e. Centimeters, Inches, Meters, Yards, KM, Miles, etc... anyone can create a different standard for this so long as it adheres to some uniform rate. The only "time" we have is the present.

These are just some questions and thoughts I have had...
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