Is quantum foam dark matter?

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Is quantum foam dark matter?
« on: 13/10/2015 10:50:02 »
"Berube, Conrad ENV:EX"  asked the Naked Scientists:
   I've been an avid listener of the Naked Scientists for years and it fills my brain as I lighten my carbon footprint biking to work on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  On one of the recent question shows it was explained that dark matter is not the stuff of which black holes are made (although the latter may have some connection to dark energy).  I have tried long enough to understand the basics of quantum physics to know that I'll never understand quantum physics but I do recall that the theory indicates the existence of "quantum foam".  The idea, as I recall, is that virtual particles are continuously popping into and out of existence.  I wondered whether dark matter could be composed of quantum foam and did a search of Google Scholar to find that I was not the first to whom this had occurred there are a number of scientific articles including both terms:      
Holographic foam, dark energy and infinite statistics
Stringy space-time foam, Finsler-like metrics and dark matter relics
Space-time foam: from entropy and holography to infinite statistics and nonlocality
However, just the titles of such pretty much convinced me that I wouldn't understand them even if I chose to get past the pay-wall to read them. So maybe one of your communicators can dumb down the explanation enough to explain:    Does quantum foam explain the "missing mass" detected by astronomers that led to the postulation of dark matter and, if not, how come quantum foam, with all those particles popping into existence (if only briefly), does not exert any great "background gravity"? (Or does quantum foam not exert any gravity because it is composed of only virtual particles?)    OK, my head is swimming, back to my day job.


What do you think?
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