How much UVC would be reflected on surface like glass and cotton?

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I have a UVC light sterilizer like this one.
The manufacturer said it shoots really strong type of UVC that is 64 times more intense than the one from the sun.
My concern is, when there's a gap between the floor and the machine and the 64 times stronger UVC was reflected from the floor surface on which a target stuff was put, would that reflected UVC is negligible enough to say safe?
I mostly use it on glass, cotton, and plastic. Thanks for reading!
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Although UV-C is very good at bacterial sterilising it has a very low penetration of human skin, it is stopped by the top dead layers. So it doesn't do much harm. Having said that, I would be careful about exposure to eyes.

UV-B is the one to take real care over exposure, really nasty. I use it for curing oil varnish and always make sure I'm outside the room before switching on.
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A lot of the UV C will be absorbed by the cotton or the floor.
Also, on a sunny day all your skin is exposed to UV. From this machine only the small amount that "leaks" out will get to you and it will be weakened by the inverse square law.

A black floor covering - painted paper or something- would reduce the levels still further.
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