What can we learn about ourselves from the earth orbiting the sun?

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hugh mcadams asked the Naked Scientists:
   chris,as you know the earth orbits the sun at 67,000 mph or 18.5 miles per second or 1 mile every 1/18.5 of a second or 0.054 seconds.I believe that this speed must be beyond human appreciation and that we are unaware of having moved .we know ofcourse that we have because of the seasons and the changing night sky.what if any thing does this tell us about ourselves .
Sorry chris I am not even sure of what my question is.To me it adds to my conviction that we do not have any pupose in the universe .
What do you think?
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the earth orbits the sun at 67,000 mph ....what if any thing does this tell us about ourselves?

It tells us that we are in the "Goldilocks Zone" for water-based life.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circumstellar_habitable_zone


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what if any thing does this tell us about ourselves


We are of course aware that we are moving because the stars appear to rotate and translate, but as everyone from a young child to Einstein will have noted, if you are moving at a constant speed relative to the only other thing you can see (say a bus or a train) you have no concept of absolute motion, only of relative motion. 

The historical problem is that the Big Money was on the earth being stationary and everything else moving around it, but once people began to realise that religion is an intellectual cul de sac, astronomy made a bit more sense and we did indeed begin to learn a bit about ourselves.
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Knowledge builds upon itself, with each step up the ladder of knowledge needed for the next step. The next step, after the earth center, was our sun was the center. This step is when modern science comes into the picture. It turned out this was not true either, but was just another step upward. Ironically, when the church fought against the sun centric universe it was also fighting against a presumption of final truth. This irrationality can cause humans to institute  a dogma to prevent further thinking.

In modern times, our step up the ladder assumes the premise of relative reference and no center of the universe. This is the reverse of the original earth centric POV of religion. The problem with this premise is, although relative reference may be what we see, this theory can  violates energy conservation. With X amount of energy to move everything in the universe, you can't satisfy all references so each can become the center. Therefore this premise can result in the energy balance not adding up with hard reality and therefore it can create the need to add things to the universe, that we can't see in the lab.

The next step up the ladder will alter the premise away from any reference can do, back to an absolute center so the universe is consistent with energy conservation, while not having to add anything we can;t see in the lab.

The speed of light is the same in all references and offers an absolute, by which all references can be gauged for an energy balance.
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