Could we harness the energy from electric eels?

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Could we harness the energy from electric eels?
« on: 29/10/2015 04:50:01 »
George B  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi Chris and team,

Massive fan of the show, have only been listening to it for a few months though so have a lot of catching up on passed episodes!

My question is about Electric Eels, and it came to me after I just watched this video on YouTube (search for: "Electric Eel Powers Christmas Tree").

Would it be possible to harness this bio "electrifying" engineering, and build a bio power generator and perhaps bio-battery? Could this be done at scale, since eels are relatively small in size (compared to commercial power stations)?

Many thanks to all those at The Naked Scientist for the kick-ass episodes.

Kind regards,

George from London   
What do you think?
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