How feasible is a solar-powered earth cooler?

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How feasible is a solar-powered earth cooler?
« on: 30/10/2015 03:19:46 »
Perhaps global warming could be combated by refrigerating the earth. The machines to do so would suck heat out of the atmosphere and compress it to a higher temperature, sending it to a radiator equipped with reflectors, which would beam the energy out into space. Of course, this would require much power to run it. Burning fossil fuels to supply the power would seem highly impractical. However, such a machine conceivably could be powered by the sun itself. Of course, the energetics would have to be favorable.  The amount of energy radiated out by the system would have to be greater than the difference between the amount of energy put into the atmosphere during solar absorption (owing, for example, to the inefficiency of solar panels in converting sunlight to work compared to the efficiency of the panels in simply collecting the light) and the amount of sunlight that would have been absorbed anyway by the ground if the system were not there.