Time and Thermodynamics

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Time and Thermodynamics
« on: 02/11/2015 14:46:17 »
I have written a draft eight page paper on the above subject which I have entitled "The Physical Reality of Time" (attached).  I do not introduce new physics but try to develop a philosophical understanding of Time from current science.  I have studied philosophy and am an amateur physicist.

I am not trying to market my ideas but would deeply appreciate feedback on the viability, or otherwise, of my hypothesis.  I have discussed my ideas with a number of physicists so far and got some good and some not good responses.  The problem I seem to face, from the perspective of Physics, is the lack of a new mathematical equation which could be use to test my arguments.  However, as I said I am trying to enunciate a new understanding based on current knowledge, rather than propose a new mathematical formula.  Consider it a new interpretation of an old question.  Perhaps it would be more suited to Philosophy of Science.  However, I still need, and respectfully request, the opinion of physicists on the content of my paper as, I believe, the solution to the question of Time lies at the heart of Physics.

I failed to attach the file as it exceeds the 128kb allowed on this forum.  Would it be acceptable to supply a link to it and still hope it would be read??

Thank you


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Re: Time and Thermodynamics
« Reply #1 on: 03/11/2015 00:56:50 »
Try the link. Always better to link to a PDF rather than put up a v long post.
I think the moderators will allow it.
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