How to explain wave/particle physics with space/time physics?

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First I need to explain where I got the idea.

I have read about Paul Dirac.
"In 1960 Dirac suggested that elementary particles might correspond to modes of a vibrating membrane."
What is the vibrating membranes?

I was thinking of sound shock waves and what would happen if two aeroplanes was flying in the speed of sound, beside each other with speaker and microphone outside the plane and in the sound shock wave.
Then I thought what would happen if the shock wave was so extreme that the air was compressed to a liquid in the shock wave.
The pilots would detect that the communication between the airplanes would be faster than sound because the speed of sound is about 1000 m/s in water.
So then I thought that the pilots might believe they were flying in something that made their time go slower.

Then I took that idea to space/time.

When a gravity wave pass earth, the time go faster/slower.
What if something in the universe that can create a gravity wave that is so extreme that time go infinite fast in the gravity wave.

Let's play with that possibility.

So let's say one person is on earth observing this gravity wave that is approaching him.

Another pilot is flying in the speed of light, inside this extreme gravity wave.
The pilot will see the universe stop and if he just stay in the gravity wave he can move around in the gravity wave and see the whole universe from it as it is in that exact moment.
Now let's say he live in eternity, just like a photon.
Then he will be all over the inside of the wave, while the wave is expanding through the universe.
Now let's say the person on the earth decide to send a laser beam signal to the pilot in the gravity wave.
As soon as the laser beam reach the gravity pulse then the pilot in the wave will signal back a laser beam to earth.

Wherever the person on earth send the laser beam on the wave then in the instance the laser reach the wave the pilot in the wave answer the message, because he will be there when it hit the wave.

Now let's go to the micro cosmos and look at the wave/particle duality.

Let's say that Paul Dirac were right in some way 1960.
"In 1960 Dirac suggested that elementary particles might correspond to modes of a vibrating membrane."

What is the membrane?

Let's say that all particles are extreme microcosmic gravity waves where time goes infinite fast in them.
When space is stretched the strings in the space fabric is vibrating infinite fast.
The fabric of space can not only be stretched but also sheared and that type of infinite fast space time explains the photon.

With this idea I believe it is possible to explain all quantum physics and particle physics.

I think it is possible to create a computer program where you create a 3D geometry that can vibrate and if you give the geometry some basic values, then it can visualise the quantum physics, the particle physics and in the end all of the universe.

Anybody here who think the idea is interesting and want to discuss how to create this computer visualisation of the space/time  universe?

Regards Magnus



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Very interesting. Although I can't say that to me this seems any better than string theory. What experiments can you suggest to test this and differentiate it from current models?
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