Science and God - Does it mix ?

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Re: Science and God - Does it mix ?
« Reply #150 on: 27/08/2005 00:03:43 »
I have no idea whether there's a god or not. I don't believe that there can be both (a) an omniscient, omnipotent and *loving* god as well as (b) heaven and hell. Simply, if people are going to be condemned to burn for all eternity then no loving god would create individuals with free will and then only whisk them off to heaven if they believed what their preacher/parents/religious text told them about having to follow the True Path of the Right Religion. If they got lucky with their preacher/parents and got the Right Religion to begin with.

In the assumed absence of a damnation risk, Pascale's wager (never very convincing in the first instance) falls right over and we can go back to science...
I'm describing this in terms of a "god" I don't believe in to make this (a bit) less wordy...
I think there are a number of options...
(1) God plays dice... with or without a "guiding hand" mutations occur over a very long period of time resulting in humans arising from the primeval swamp. Given there was no particular required timescale for the evolution, we just happen to be looking back on it from the point in time at which we appeared, I would tend to suggest there's no need for anything non-random, but if it makes people happy to believe that...
(2) God plays dominos... at the begining of tim, god set up the universe and then let go. What sort of domino run he set up first off is open to investigation as presumably the physical laws have remained constant since then... but not philosophically pretty because it smacks too much of predestination for my liking (god or no god I'm all for Free Will).
(3) God plays chess, or dolls' houses, or something... if there's a continual interference from an "external" source, obviously physics may get suspended occasionally for tinkering (miracles and c. I suppose). In which case trying to investigate the origins either of life or of the universe seems pretty pointless.

Whichever of these you pick, there's no particular incompatability between science ** and religion except where you're trying to use some principle based on (say) evolution to work out what's going on now (of course, even some fairly hardline creationists cop out and admit there's evolution happening in our times, just that that's not how we came into existence).

** Technology and religion, what we do with what we find out, is a whole seperate kettle of fish...


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Re: Science and God - Does it mix ?
« Reply #151 on: 27/08/2005 16:10:41 »
This is religion I think.
I don't know if we can talk about religion specifically.......
If you want then I can answer to you with emails.
But I think also you can talk with a good pastor(or priest)......

God can give to us 4 new
earth scientifically from Jupiter...
God will give 12 new
earth from Jupiter
with 4 little black holes and 4 little suns...!


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Re: Science and God - Does it mix ?
« Reply #152 on: 17/03/2014 04:43:43 »
A quote from GOD
WHAT'S THAT! Am I hearing things? Or is this dream? O well, I'll make a response and see what happens:

LET THE STORY--and this IS a story--UNFOLD
 GOD? Is it you, really you? Wow, what a pleasant surprise! :cool:

BTW, even though I am big and strong, keep in mind, I am shy. Therefore, I am not sure of how best to proceed, so go easy on me, but I have heard the story from the wise ones that you and I were born as fraternal twins, who as babies became separated form our more primitive parents. Later on, in our late teens, we met as strangers to each other. So, naturally, nature took it's course and     

About me: GOD, I too have a god-like name, but a little different from yours. Whenever I introduce myself for the first time, I always spell out the word and sound out the letters... G.Õ.D. Yes, I assume I was the twin who came first and, therefore, your older brother.

My god-like name, G.Õ.D. , simply means I am the one who generates (power and things), organizes (things and people) and delivers to family and community that which is needed to protect the one I choose to love to be the mother of the family.

It seems to me that your name, GOD means that you are one who freely chooses (wills) to be good, optimistic and delightful and the twin sister born just after I was. Now I feel, where we evolve from here is up to us.

BTW, I am glad to hear you say that you do not exist.   :cool:  IMO, a 'god' who exists in nothing more than an idol--an object that we can create with our hands, physically, or with our minds, mentally--in our own image. A very small package indeed!

I like to think of “God", as--using the words of a wise one --like, "an infinite sphere whose centre is everywhere and ... whose circumference is nowhere”. Later, a great inventor had the same thing in mind when he said, "God is without dimensions".  :)

Before I say more, may I ask you: How much have you heard about the story of the GOD family?--a great family, BTW--of which you and I were the first members to be consciously aware of, and with, one another.

I have the strong feeling that--not with standing, that is, despite what happened since the so-call BIG-bang ... which I prefer calling the "GREAT Omni Dazzlement" (overpowering light--like the sun)--we are not alone in the cosmos.

GOD, you are no doubt aware that, as of now (modern times), the human  family on earth is one that is indeed large, perhaps even problematically large.

The story of our family, as I understand it, began like as follows: Way back--that is, well before recorded history--at least two of us (let us mentally put ourselves in their place)--one male and one female--of our first human-like ancestors fortunate enough to evolve to the point where they became ready to make conscious choices, did so. So, despite the risks, they made the first quantum leap to consciousness, or self-awareness.

Of course, using this new gift of consciousness, WE both more rapidly began to evolve and we consciously (that is, spiritually) became physically and mentally stronger :)

As I have already indicated, being the male I was the larger of the two. Therefore, I automatically assumed the role as your protector.

You, as the physically smaller and a female, became the eventual mother of our family and many descendent families. This is why I am not surprised that in order to win and keep my protection, you chose to be god-like in your own and feminine way. You were: generous, gracious, genial, glamorous, grateful, obedient, obliging, open, optimistic, outgoing, dainty, delicate, delightful, devout, discreet, and whatever it takes ...
                                                         BTW, THE FOLLOWING IS A SIMILAR AND ENLARGED VERSION OF SIGNATURE I SOMETIMES USE--see newbielink: [nonactive]

G.Õ.D ~ can also stand for the GREAT--let-there be-light--Omni Dazzlement. For Bio info see newbielink: [nonactive]  & newbielink: [nonactive]  BTW, I have one thread, PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION, ALL RELIGIONS ... which at this point has over 7.5 million hits.  Questions welcomed!
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Re: Science and God - Does it mix ?
« Reply #153 on: 30/03/2014 06:12:01 »
HOW?  I know we've heard this over and over again.  <font color="red">Never a dry subject,</font id="red">unless your dry and never change your beliefs.  You change a person daily learn new things hopefully they change and effect you someway or another.  What are you thoughts about EVOLUTION?
Evolution is fact. Simple. :)


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Re: Science and God - Does it mix ?
« Reply #154 on: 06/04/2014 16:00:15 »
I like Betty Eadie's idea, from being in the NDE light and love, about the creation of the laws of the universe, and Jesus before conception using the laws to craft, create life on many worlds. Many of them stubborn to accept God like us.

I wish the sadducees asked Jesus more about stoning... Jesus stopped one of them. Made the victim a teacher.

Dr Eben Alexander and myself have, "experiences" that are anchors in the belief God is there. We then start mixing spiritual ontological ideas with natural philosophy and sciences. At least for some, it mixes.


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Re: Science and God - Does it mix ?
« Reply #155 on: 06/04/2014 22:30:21 »