What is Moore's Law, and what's it based on?

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What is Moore's Law, and what's it based on?
« on: 28/12/2006 04:23:52 »
What is the basis of Moore's Law, where did it come from, and what's "red wall"?

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Re: What is Moore's Law, and what's it based on?
« Reply #1 on: 28/12/2006 10:36:14 »
Moore's "Law" is a misnomer.
It's not a Law at all.
It's really just a bit of observation. I separate this observation from other scientific observations because the outcome of these observations is entirely within the control of humans.
It is empirical and not part of any theoretical framework to explain larger phenomena.
If industry wanted Moore's Law to change then they can make it change.
It is not independent and it is not the same everywhere in the Universe.
Hence it's not a Law.

The red wall is really the red brick wall.
If things keep going the way they are with the amount of transistors increasing and the costs coming down at their present rates then basically it is uncertain if it's possible to build integrated circuits that comply with the specs required by Moore's Law when extrapolated to 2008.
That's the wall.
Of course there is plenty of room for new developments. Nanotech, optical processing, different substrates, negative refractive index materials allowing focusing of evanescent waves way down beyond the diffraction limit for photolithography etc... etc...
So don't bank on there being a wall when we get there.

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Re: What is Moore's Law, and what's it based on?
« Reply #2 on: 03/01/2007 13:49:10 »
Patrick Moore's law - the baggier the trousers, the tighter the jacket  [;D]
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