Do birds and reptiles yawn?

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Do birds and reptiles yawn?
« on: 17/11/2015 23:50:01 »
Darren asked the Naked Scientists:
   Mammals yawn, but do birds and reptiles yawn? I have never seen video of a bird or reptile yawning, if not then why not? I have never seen an insect yawn either but then I haven't looked that closely :-)
What do you think?
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Re: Do birds and reptiles yawn?
« Reply #1 on: 19/11/2015 11:36:04 »
I can't say as I've studied or noticed either birds or reptiles yawning, so I can't speak for all, but I can tell you that tortoises do yawn.
My two Testudo Graeca Graeca (Mediterranean Spur Thigh) will doubtless be doing quite a bit of yawning over the next 2 - 3 weeks as I prepare them for hibernation. They will do a fair bit of yawning in March when they wake up.
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