Special relativity project.

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Special relativity project.
« on: 21/11/2015 00:49:04 »

Sam , an independent observer , observes an experiment.  Sam observes Sarah and Bob through the constant clear of light, Sam does not observe any beams of light in the constant.   Relative to Sam, both Sarah and Bob are moving, relative to Sarah and Bob, it is Sam that is moving.   
Relative to Sarah , she is stationary to the ground and Bob is moving, relative to Bob, he is moving and is not stationary to the ground. 

Relative to Sarah , she is always falling at a constant rate, relative to Sarah the ground is also falling at a constant rate,relative to Sarah the falling is a linearity, relative to Bob, he is flying perpendicular to the falling, relative to Bob, he is changing the rate of the falling, relative to Bob , he is curving the falling linearity.

Relative to Sam, this so far is observed.

Relative to Sarah , her rate of time is set by the force normal, relative to Bob, his rate of time  is slower by opposing the force normal with motion. 

Relative to Sam , Sarah and Bob are independent 4 dimensions in a fifth dimension of n-dimensional space.