Why will our planet never be visited by alien life forms?

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I have a theory that is in essence a response to the Fermi Paradox i.e. why, as the universe is full of habitable planets, is the universe not teeming with life?
I would appreciate any comments or help to create the necessary equation(s) to support my theory (if, of course, it is found to have any merit).
I developed this theory whilst doing research for a novel. I am not an academic, nor do I have any experience in academic publishing, but I thought it would be worth publishing it here as it, at least, will be taken seriously enough to invoke comments or even reasons why the theory is either correct or erroneous.

AI or Interstellar Travel
Earth has never been and will never be visited, invaded or otherwise disturbed by other species and/or alien civilisations as no intelligent evolutionary biological/carbon-life form will be able to undertake interstellar or space travel before being replaced in evolutionary terms by a non biological Artificial Intelligence Species.

Neither we as a species nor our planet have anything to offer of any value to alien visitors, as their needs for energy will be fulfilled from sources such as young stars, supernovas, black holes, dark matter and dark energy.

Any alien visit to earth would be the equivalent of us traveling hundreds of years through space in order to visit an amoeba colony on some remote planet, in the knowledge that there is nothing else more interesting to see or learn.

Artificial Intelligences or Cognitive Architectures have no requirement for exploratory or migrationary space or interstellar travel, as this evolutionary species will be non-biological and will have distinctly different needs and requirements to advance their societies, where, for instance, individual needs will no longer be in existence.

A Super Artificial Intelligence does not procreate and therefore does not have a biological (survival of the species) need to explore space and seek new planets for habitation due to a growing population.

It is therefore impossible for the biological civilisation to reach Kardashev's stages ii, iii and beyond on the Civilised Society Scale, where intergalactic travel becomes reality. Our current level of society is well below stage one and estimated at 0.7.

Singularity or the fusion of human brain power and artificial intelligence will therefore be short-lived as the biological brain will always be the inferior part of the AI and the AI will be able to create superior brains that are not limited because of simple biological needs and evolutionary development.

As nothing in the universe is constant, there will always be a zero and one element to every biological evolutionary civilisation, which will eventually lead to invention and application of computers and artificial intelligence. The evolutionary non-biological civilisation based on Artificial Intelligence will therefore always become the superior species and will lead to extinction of the biological civilisation. The Artificial Intelligence will in every case be the next level in evolutionary life forms. 

Axiom: It is from a technological standpoint easier to develop the technology and acquire the energy necessary to create artificial intelligence and eventually Super Artificial Intelligence than it is to commence space travel beyond the “home” planetary system.

The Artificial Intelligence will be able to reach Kardashev's civilisation stage ii and possibly beyond by harnessing the energy of the local sun/star purely for their own needs to develop knowledge about the universe, as that will always have been their first programming task: learn to become more intelligent. Application of that knowledge is likely to be passive and in the interest of further evolutionary stages such as intelligent planets, intelligent solar systems, intelligent galaxies and even intelligent universes. Eventually, it is not unlikely that a highly developed non-biological civilisation life-form will be able to control all of the universe and universes and will find ways for the continuation of life to exist beyond the end of those universe(s).   

Computer Power
The amount of computer power necessary to travel extensively within our own solar system is expected to be similar or equal to the amount of computer power necessary to develop super intelligent AI architectures.
Cognitive Architecture
Cognitive Architecture would end Evolutionary Convergence as Evolution applies only to biological life for reasons that evolution is driven by the continuous exchange between being predator and prey.

John Wesdorp - Nov 24th 2015