Can you save my marine habitate with electrolysis or similar???

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Hi all, my names pete and i am very interested in marine biology and as a result ive become a keen tropical but most recently marine aquariumist. I have a problem that i hope you may be able to shed some light on.
I have a 55 galon marine aquarium, unfortunetly in my inexperience with marine life but my career experience in boat building ive used a brass water valve in my recent tank build thinking on how well it stands up to corrosion at sea. Unfortunetly the copper in the brass has began to leach out and mildly poison my tank.  I have made attempts with the use of activated carbon and commercially available filters that remove metal traces, now as much as these will clear the copper traces in the water common oppinion is the amount of copper absorbed by any rocks and sand in the tank will leach out back into the water over time. Id rather not clear up the water, recultivate it only to have them die.  Unfortunetly the rocks are not cheap and im not in any position to be replacing them and starting again.

So my questions...

1. How much copper do you think could leach from brass in 12 weeks when subjected to a flow of salt water with a gravity of 0.025 and a temp of 23*C???

Most importantly question 2.

If i removed all life from the tank first, Is there a means to use electrolysis to collect the copper from the water, rock and sand.
I have access to a 12-14v power pack but this is where i need some pointers please. I was thinking it may work similar to plating but obviousy not with the same result, just to collect the copper.

I know its all abit obscure from  norm but i hope you can give me a helpful answer!

Many thanks


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... Is there a means to use electrolysis to collect the copper from the water, rock and sand

If you electrolyse salt-water you will create sodium-hydroxide, [aka caustic soda], & sodium-chlorite/chlorate , [ used as bleach & weed-killer respectively].

So creating a more toxic envionment for the fish & plants in your aquarium.

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