Discuss: Why loneliness can kill

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Discuss: Why loneliness can kill
« on: 02/12/2015 15:36:52 »
People with the best social networks, who sing in choirs; play instruments; go to church and take part in team sports, all live longer and tend to be happier, studies have shown. People who feel lonely, or isolated, on the other hand, fare less well and are more prone to ill-health. Now a new study, published this week in the journal PNAS and examining the immune systems of lonely people and monkeys has revealed why this might be. John Capitanio revealed all to Chris Smith...
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« Reply #1 on: 07/12/2015 15:44:49 »
I found this episode very interesting.  Here is another angle on the research.  Right now IBM has a list of symptoms for people with social anxiety in Watson system used by doctors.  When the doctors were testing me for social anxiety using the system, they asked me a few questions that you would not usually associate with social anxiety: do you suffer allergies when you go outside, and do your hands have white spots on them.  I wonder if both symptoms could be related to a weak immune system.