is Djvu a connection to the other parallel universes?

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Djvu a connection to the other parallel universe

The reason Im writing about this subject is that I was sitting with my mom and she was holding my baby nephew and the baby was facing me looking at me with that look of confusion that all baby at some point have and at that particular moment a feeling came to me like this exact moment is being repeated, that feeling happen to me many time through the years of my life and  I know this happens to everyone in this world its been happening to a lot of people throughout history and we manly call it (Djvu)  and till this moment there is no satisfactory explanation for this phenomena, Im not going to promise that Ill be providing you with a satisfactory explanation but I think my idea or my sudden realization Epiphany if you will, is as good as any other explanation or theory out there and its based on my understanding of the parallel universe theory, lets start by explaining the term Djvu.
Djvu literally means "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced, has already been experienced in the past, with that being said I think its important to explain the parallel universe in a nutshell so that my Idea of Djvu can be understood.
The multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes, which means that there is infinite number of earths just like ours who has a moon and a sun just like ours and inside that earth is infinite number or copies as I like to think,  of me and you, but each universe is slightly different than the other in one universe Im rich and successful in the other Im married with three kids in the other one Im Dead and in the other one Im still working as an accountant in Iraq  and so on and so forth, and that applies on each and every one of us.

Now I know the theory states there is an infinite number of universes, but for the sake of making this theory easier to understand lets pretend there is only seven universes or seven copies of earth and as the parallel universe theory states that I exist in all of these earths but slightly different lifes as I explained earlier, and here is my explanation of Djvu.
 myself who exist in universe No 1 and my other self who exists in universe No 5 are doing the exact same thing at the same time both of us looking at our nephew baby face at the same time at the same couch which also means that time flows the same between the seven universes and in away me and my copy react to the same situation since me and my other self are connecting with each other and whenever me and my other six selfs are experiencing the same situation at the same time we feel the connection between our copies which we call Djvu.
you may sense that it happen in the past but I believe this comes from the time lag between the universes, also as I explained earlier maybe in at least two or three universes my copy could be doing the same thing or maybe all at the same time or maybe every two connected universes together for example universe No 2 and No3 or universe No 5 and No 6 now I know my approach to explain Djvu is a little different than the explanation we find in text books or online but to me if the parallel universe really do exists as many scientist believe then this could be the explanation to this phenomena that we experience at least once a year or every three years. 


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Re: is Djvu a connection to the other parallel universes?
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The conscious mind is like a computer terminal that is wired into a mainframe computer. The mainframe parts of the brain are connected to the unconscious mind, where complex processing occurs mostly below the threshold of consciousness. For example, nearly every cell of your body have nerve endings nearby that collect data. The mainframe parts of the brain, among other things, keeps track of trillions of cells helping to maintain cellular differentiation control.

Dejajvu appears to be connected to mainframe output becoming conscious at the terminal. The feeling of dejavu is less about the unique event, but is more about a portal between the unconscious and conscience having opened. The characteristic feeling of awareness and arousal is collective human.

An analogy to a collective feeling would be falling in love. The feeling and dynamics of falling in love comes from the unconscious mind and is  collective human. Our unique place in space and time, connected to the terminal, will dress up this feeling into our own unique love situation.

With dejavu, the feeling of we have been here before, is connected the main frame parts of the brain having witnessed or anticipated an event. The terminal senses it later, as an after thought.

Most of the environmental data we witness is absorbed subliminally, by the mainframe. Although most of this data is not conscious it can be recalled via hypnosis. The conscious mind has a narrower field of vision, such that what it does not see, may appear to be never have existed.

For example, you may meet a new person and after you part ways, someone asks you what color and style were their shoes. You may not have consciously noticed this, even though you have this data in the unconscious mainframe. If this subliminal data was to become conscious  a year later, this is mainframe recall event that is also a new terminal event. One would see, for the first time, what was already recorded. This results in mixed feelings of this is new but very familiar.