Despite much trumpeting, are black holes a reality?

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Are BH a reality or merely a mathematical singularity ??
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Re: Despite much trumpeting, are black holes a reality ?
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Obviously what you are asking for here are personal opinions because even the world's leading physicists can't all agree on any one answer or model.

So this is only offered as personal opinion.

Quarks I reckon.. I mean it seems to make sense to me.
Up to 1.4 Solar masses Electrons can withstand the crushing pressure in the core of a Sun.
And then they get overpowered. Gravitational pressure doesn't allow them to maintain the spacetime they needed.
They retreat back and rejoin the Nucleus. The pressure of gravity is now resisted by Neutron pressure and the radius of a Neutron star is not a lot bigger than it's own Event Horizon.
If more mass is added and it Gets to about 3 Solar masses the Gravitational pressure overpowers the Neutron's ability to maintain the space it needs to stay a Neutron..
We have a Black Hole.
But a Neutron was not a fundamental particle.
The 3 Quarks in each Neutron are the Fundamental Particles. All 3 forces are a part of Quarks. Possibly even their heavier cousins. Just because it is inside it's event horizon is no reason to believe that all the forces concentrated within elemental particles (Matter/Energy) are not an equal match with anything Spacetime could give. I not for an instant can bring myself to believe matter/energy can be pushed into a singularity. I have to believe we are better than that.
Matter/Energy can be confined but not destroyed. The final balancing point Spacetime Gravitic pressure meets Matter/Energy. The final standoff.
Those Quarks are there representing our side, and I'm here cheering them on.
We are made of Spacetime; with a sprinkling of Stardust.
Matter tells Spacetime how to Flow; Spacetime tells matter where to go