Is there any combination of chemicals that will ignite a safety match?

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I would like to know whether is there any chemical or a combination of chemicals which can autoignite a safety match stick couple of inches away? Just for an illusion?
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Re: How to auto ignite a safety match stick with chemical
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Pretty sure you can get it to go if you spray fluorine gas or chlorine trifluoride on it. But then again, pretty much anything will catch on fire if you spray those on it... https ://

You could also use a pyrophoric compound like trimethylaluminum, diethylzinc, triethylborane, or silane (which would burst into flames on contact with the air, and then light whatever it lands on) https: //

Some matches will ignite when dipped in concentrated sulfuric acid.

You may be able to use a laser instead. https ://

Each of these strategies entails some, um, risk. I really would not recommend actually trying the first two. The last two options definitely involve a lower probability of accidentally killing yourself, but con. sulfuric acid can burn you really badly, and 200 mW lasers require eye-protection.

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A heat source should do it.  Put either iron filings or oxidizer on the matchhead or on your fingernails and flick one at the other.