Could light be its own dimension?

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Could light be its own dimension?
« on: 12/12/2015 19:51:35 »
I would like to propose that light could be its own dimension, and that all visible light is simply the result of a higher dimension revealing itself to us through reflections. Therefore, I'd also like to propose that photons act like tiny mirrors carrying out that mission. The higher dimension, I believe, is slowly descending upon the fabric of space-time. I would like to demonstrate this using this simple experiment: Let's take a flashlight, and slowly descend it upon the floor. If you do this, the light gets smaller and smaller. Based upon that, it could give us that the possibility of stars and galaxies moving away, is simply an illusion to the observer. It could explain some redshifts observed in space today. This higher dimension would be everywhere, and become visible once it has something to reflect upon. This could explain part of the Bible when it said, "And God said, 'Let there be light,"' because it would show that He just didn't create anything to reflect the light. Thanks for reading this!