Is a T.O.E. possible that goes from "A to Z?"

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Is a T.O.E. possible that goes from "A to Z?"
« on: 19/12/2015 11:43:27 »
A T.O.E. (Theory of Everything)should be able to scientifically account for how our kind of world originated and the stages it went through.

For me, and I think most people, the most likely starting point would have to have been pure space. -This would have been pure space - space prior to the first appearance of forces. -Absent any forces, originally space would have been uniform, symmetrical, and therefore more self-compatible than our present space, in which forces are transmitted.

It's a logical step to infer from this idea, that such a self-compatibility could well have involved elemental point-localities, of space itself, oscillating reciprocally with each other, in perfect symmetry. The next step in this kind of model would be that oscillatory fatigue of neighboring "points" produced point-pairs (as in the familiar Yin and Yang depiction.)  At that juncture, reversible re-equilibration of the point-pairs with the initial oscillational setting resulted in the point-pairs reverting to singleton, elemental, point localities. This would have broken original space's perfect symmetry, leading to our present type of space, which contains a super-rarified aetheric matrix composed of elemental point-like units. These units would be vibrational (as derived from the oscillational), resonating loosely with each other, as their outward vibrations form transient connections, unit-to-unit, in a dipolar energic fashion. -This produced a quiet purring universal aetheric resonating mechanism, serving as an underlying universal matrix for the transmission of forces. -This kind of model readily accounts for such phenomena as quantum entanglement as just one example.

When the aether was forming, the resonances between elemental units led to multiple similar resonances among more units, producing linear aetheric energic entrainments, which in turn resonated further with each other (possibly including branching, angling, monopole elements). This led to intense, aetherically super-refined, energy foci in space, with fluxing energy processes of a kind we can't even imagine (from our earth-world quantum processes) took place.

The next thing that happened was that inside these energy foci, these processes produced physical life-forms, as well as mental sapience (the first intelligent creational entity.) Creational input led to locations in space where intelligent design produced non-random, or intelligently-manipulated, local environments in space, where aetheric energy was involved. -However, the macrocosmic setting was such that these locations were magnetically "brittle," so a universe became necessary, so that there would be a macrocosmic setting for an organized, stable environment for existence. Via aetheric energy mental projections, our universe was created, with its system of celestial bodies within the present kind of space (which is not "empty" as science now claims, but rather it contains an aether we don't detect with our quantum technologies.

Our everyday experience makes us always think in terms of "solid objects," "solid particles, and the like, but if we proceed logically from the above "origins" model, we arrive at a concept of a universal aether which is non-matter.

I obtained this model from a long-term study of little-known sets of codes in an old Document that another cryptographer discovered years ago.