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« on: 24/12/2015 14:26:27 »
It is true that light travels from one place to other.
Actually we measure them and the time taken to travel from
one place to other.  If we switch on a Torchlight, light rays
start moving to different directions.  In the early morning
sun rays start moving towards earth. There is no switch off or
switch on buttons to sun.  It is burning continuously and
releasing energy into universe. 

01  suppose, at a particular point of time, let us presume
    that fresh energy is released from sun.
02  Is this fresh energy coming to earth all the way.
03  What about existing energy in the universe.  It is true
    that it is not blank.
04  It is true and known fact that light travels in the form of rays.
05  There is continuous journey of electrons.
06  When fresh set of electrons are released, they creates
    pressure on the existing rays.
07  Due to pressure from the latest released electrons, movement is
08  It is not equal at all the places of sun.  At some of the places
    it is more and at some of the places it is weak.
09  Suppose sun started burning afresh and there is no energy of whatever
    type in the universe. 
10  What happens, fresh energy due to pressure, start moving into   
11  It takes lot of time for the light to travel all the way to earth.

01  When torchlight is switched on, light rays spreads to wide area.
02  We are using energy packed cells and when switched on energy gushes out.
03  Here also fresh energy released from torch light are not touching
    end point.
04  It only creates pressure on the existing rays and a movement is
    created in any one particular direction.
05  Here we have to remember one important point that small amount of
    energy released from torchlight cannot alone create fresh light ray.


01  Here we have to remember one important point that there is huge
     energy    spread through out universe and it is playing key role in
    transfer   of  energy from one place to other.
02  And here on earth also there is huge energy stocked in which i had
    termed as "BASE" in Gravity, and it plays key role in transfer of energy.

These ideas have no relevance to present theories and do not compare them. Here what i want to say, to scientists that there are new horizons and open your minds to travel unto them.