Can scientists find a way to slow and reverse the aging process?

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Here I'll point out an aging research crowdfunding project by Harvard Scientists at Experiment, it focuses on carrying out a small project in developing functional metrics of age to help reversing aging. Harvard Medical School has reported successful aging reversal using genetic and biochemical methods in the labs of Dr. George Church and Dr. David Sinclair. These scientists are seeking support for their project.

Any contribution will be highly appreciated,

Thank you!
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What works for rodents works for primates too.  I lost 25% pounds of my heaviest and don't eat much now but keep saturated fat, fibre, and less starch in my diet and by now look younger than half of my age and can easily be carded.
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certain types of steroids reduce the aging process.

Testosterone replacement therapy uses small doses of steroids for middle aged/old men suffering from low testosterone and the results in most cases are astoundingly positive.

All the hallmarks of youth come back: increased muscularity, cognition, positive mindset and libido.

Testosterone is the ultimate anti aging hormone.


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Interestingly, estrogen seems to have a similar effect in women, but the best statistical hallmark of ageing is the propensity to cancer, which doesn't seem to improve with such hormone therapy.

I wonder why anyone bothers with this field of research. Do we really want a world full of 150-year-olds? If the population doubled by means of staving off death, what would they eat? And if you could live for ever, would you ever bother to do anything, on the grounds that (a) it doesn't matter and (b) someone else might do it if I wait long enough?

A finite life with an unknown end is exciting. What the world really needs is an adult attitude to suicide, not more means of prolonging the agony.

Best rock'n'roll record ever banned by the BBC was "Live fast, love hard, die young". Lousy guitar break but loads of testosterone in the vocal.
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