Can an electric field act as a sun screen?

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Can an electric field act as a sun screen?
« on: 30/12/2015 18:05:12 »
Most people know that your body can aquire a static electric field by rubbing your socks on a carpet. Most people see static electricity as a minor annoyance, but what can an electic field aroun your body be good for? I was thinking that a strong electic field from a device like a van de graff generator might be capable of protecting you from bugs like mosquitos and ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

The mosqito repellent idea is quite straight forward, when a mosqito gets close to you he gets attracted to you quickly and as soon as he touches you, he gets charged and repelled unable to land long enough to bite you. And Walah you have a mosqito/bug repellent that will work eveey time and is rechargeable.

The sun screen idea is a bit more complex. It deals with the photo electric effect, when uv light hits your charged body you will loose some charge do to the photo electric effect. But what I want to know is will this effect also remove some energy from the photons as well? From what I understand a uv photon hitting a charged object will disloge some electrons but does that energy to dislodge the electron come from the photon? Bottom line is this.

If I go to a beach with a big ole van de graff and stand on a stool and place my hand on the van de graff generator and simply stand there directly in the sun for a good hour or two will I get a sunburn?  The obvious answer seems like yes but I just don't konw, that's why I'm asking. It would be pretty cool not to have to put on sunscreen at the beach. [:o]
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Re: Can an electric field act as a sun screen?
« Reply #1 on: 31/12/2015 01:43:32 »
Quote from: ScientificSorcerer
will I get a sunburn?
when a mosquito gets close to you ... he gets charged and repelled unable to land long enough to bite you
The mosquito will quite possibly be killed by the arc. But so will an equal number of your skin cells - and probably more than the mosquito would have killed had she managed to stick her hypodermic into you!

So you might be able to advertise it as a way to reduce malaria and keep away unwanted friends, but I would not recommend stepping into the water when fully charged...