The Big Rocket

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The Big Rocket
« on: 04/01/2016 11:08:40 »
So, I was thinking seriously about white holes. Let's just disregard thermodynamics for a second, and envision that we have a singularity that is spewing infinite amounts of energy in all directions. By infinite, the pretext we have is that it can't starve and evaporate like a black hole; however, it could surround itself with a cloud of energy so dense that it can no longer spew out anymore energy and thus, suffocate itself to death.

This explanation sounds a lot like the big bang right? Well, here's something else to think about, Newton's third law of motion and higher-dimensional velocities. If the big bang was a white hole, it might have been more of a "big rocket"; and as you sit reading this, there's an every-dimensional omgwtf hurdling through space spewing out an infinite amount of energy at the speed of light.