An Elastic band red shifts but doe's not move anywhere

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In experiment I nail an elastic band to a post in the ground, I stretch the elastic band which is a special elastic band that does not break, the elastic band stretches and stretches until the elastic band becomes so thin, it can't be seen.

The starting length of the elastic band is 5 inches, we stretch the band to 10 ft.

The 5 inch of energy is now stretched over 10 ft, the energy is stretched, but the elastic band does not move any where.

The band is ''red shifted''

So although I am moving away from the post, I am not moving, the band is at it's maximum stretch.

added- The width of the band cant be seen when it is stretched and neither can the length, but we can observe a distance, and the distance changes according to the stretch. If we was to only stretch the band 5 meters, we would see twice the energy as ten meters within a 1 meter section.







where r is radius, and E is energy and F is force and W is work.

added- there only exists 0 and 1.

Each moment is a new moment, there only exists one moment at a time. The Universe is one moment at a time.  All observers experience one moment at a time,  relative to us and the Universe we are living the moment.

The moment of force, the moment of work, the moment of realisation, all simultaneous moments.

Time is the simultaneous moment of the universe,

added- every action has an equal and opposite reaction, if there is no action there is no reaction, it takes 2 to make 1.

added - sorry many thoughts today, got to love bi-polar(maybe).   It takes 2 to make 1, just like in life, 2 opposites, (weird)...

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