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« on: 10/01/2016 17:09:28 »

It is true that this theory is interlinked to number of other theories.  Well, Newtons idea at that time it was extra-ordinary and unbelievable.  Suppose if Newton has thought that apple is not pulled but pushed than number of other theories might have taken a different look and changed the world.  If it is so means he could have recognized huge amount of
energy force existing on this earth.  In my view this is more than anything and would have  changed the direction of world.

In my view there is huge amount of energy pressure is present on this earth which i had already named it as "ENERGY BASE".  In fact one simple incident that happened in my early age helped me to recognize this ENERGY BASE.  Ours is a tiles house and this incident also happened in the month of January only.  Here we have to keep in mind one important
point that total house is one unit only i.e., Bed room, kitchen.  Cool winds started entering the house from all sides.  Actually i could not sleep and went near to the kitchen.  It was surprise to see that different climate was present at that place. When asked, father replied that fire wood is still burning.  I could not find any fire wood burning,  i went near to it and removed ashes and found small amount of fire deep inside. So this small amount of fire which is also deep inside ashes was able to combat with cool
winds up to so much area.

Let us compare this small amount of fire, deep inside ashes to our earth:

01  Due to climate certain amount of energy is blocked on this earth.
02  Creation, Strength and very existence of this energy base on this earth again depends on the burning and amount of energy released by earth.
03  Suppose if the earth is releasing energy heavily than strong energy base and it  influences things very strongly.
04  In case if the earth is already cooled and it is not releasing energy sufficient to keep this base intact than climate will go.
Suppose if the earth is already cooled:

01  Very existence of climate is doubtful.
02  Sun rays reaches earth directly and during day time temparature raises upto 240 degrees.
03  During night time when there is no influence of sun rays, temparature falls down up to - 240 degrees.
04  So with the help of this theory we can easily calculate time upto which earth can  support human existence on this earth.


01  "ENERGY BASE" on this earth is helping water to evaporate and recycling.
02  It is also supporting nature on this earth.
03  It is known fact that energy is of object oriented.  For this BASE earth is biggest object and it is strongly sting to earth.  Anything that comes in between is   pushed down to earth and this is known as gravity.
04  It is helping all the objects to sting to earth and to function without any influence.

01  Due to this "ENERGY BASE", we are able to get fire in an orderly manner.
02  All explosions:
    a)  It is true that dynamite explodes but it is influenced by this BASE 
    b)  ATOMIC BOMB: 
        1)  For this base "Atom Bomb" is also one of its objects only.
        2)  when chain reaction starts, energy within atom is freed, it pushes
            already  existing energy.
        3)  Effect of Atom mainly depends on amount of energy released by
        4)  suppose if the Atom bomb is exploded in deep water, influence of
            base is  reduced.  But the energy released must come out from
            water and there it once again influences.
        5)  In case if there is no BASE, than energy concentration against
             atom is from  all sides, but limited since it is very small object
            only.  Explosion is also towards all sides.
    c)  In a vacuum where influence of energy concentration is limited,
         explosion is also  limited.
    This, i am sure will pave the way for further research on all explosions.

03  At present since we are not having any idea about this "ENERGY BASE", we are taking  existing point as base and all our researches are focussed.
04  This point has got strong influence on ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION.  We are seriously  concentrating on Solar energy, since it is surplus from existing energy. In my view  it is not viable and waste of effort.
05  If we let our focus on this "ENERGY BASE", strongly and with much more dedication  than simple invention will takes us to new heights.
06  Present dependance on petrol will go and electricity occupies it. Our Communication  system, Our Transport system for that everything will be influenced by this.

Friends, all these are my own ideas only.  These ideas has got no relevance to present science theories.  Frankly give your opinions, either positive or negative i am ready to accept them.